FDLR commander Musabimana shot dead in Kivu

Juvenal Musabimana

Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo [FARDC] has shot and killed a top commander of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda [FDLR] Juvenal Musabimana.

“FARDC confirms the death of FDLR commander Juvénal Musabimana, who was killed on Saturday afternoon, 9 November, during an operation by the Rapid Reaction Forces between Binza and Makoka, Rutshuru territory, North Kivu,” the army confirmed on Sunday.

Musabimana alias Jean-Michel Africa was the commander-in-chief of the RUD- Urunana (dissenting from FDLR established in 2007 in north-Rutshuru and south-Lubero due to financial conflict and rank) since the death of his predecessor Jean -Damascene Ndibabaje aka Musare.

General Peter Cirimwami, the commander of ongoing military operations, on Saturday said FARDC killed 25 rebels belonging to a Ugandan rebel group Allied Democratic Forces [ADF].

Victoria University

FARDC said in a social media message that the battle happened in Beni territory (Gal Ychaligonza) in the province of North Kivu.

During the operation, seven government soldiers were also killed.

The army was able to recapture the villages of Kididiwe, Masulukwede, Vemba, Kadou and P46.

FDLR is an armed rebel group active in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

An ethnic Hutu group opposed to the ethnic Tutsi influence, the FDLR is one of the last factions of Rwandan génocidaires active in the Congo.

Last month on the night of October 4, RUD-Urunana carried out an attack in Kinigi, Musanze district, in the northern province, which claimed 14 lives and injured 18 people.

The security forces repulsed the killers, killing nineteen and apprehending five.



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