Congo army kills 25 ADF rebels, loses 7 soldiers

General Cirimwami speaks to Lucha members and locals

The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo [FARDC] has killed 25 rebels belonging to a Ugandan rebel group Allied Democratic Forces [ADF].

FARDC said in a social media message that the battle happened in Beni territory (Gal Ychaligonza) in the province of North Kivu.

During the operation, seven government soldiers were also killed.

“[The] 1st assessment of the ops recently launched against the ADF in Beni (Gal Ychaligonza): 25 enemies killed, 7 soldiers of the FARDC fallen in the field of honour,” FARDC said.  

Victoria University

The army was able to recapture the villages of Kididiwe, Masulukwede, Vemba, Kadou and P46.

The food donated by locals

Currently, the army is locked in a close fight against the enemy in Mayangose.

General Peter Cirimwami, the commander of ongoing military operations, spoke briefly to Lucha [Struggle for Change–a group which fights for a class of rights that protect Congolese] about the progress of military operations and showed journalists a part of the Mayangose operational zone where military operations are essentially conducted.

“Thank you to the Congolese people who trust us and have expressed their support for the army fighting the negative forces that are scouring the east of the country,” Lucha said in a statement.

“We have just handed over food and non-food to the FARDC. General CHIRIMWAMI thanked the people and the Lucha.”

Lucha presented a batch of goods, food and money collected from the inhabitants in order to show their support for the military operations launched to eradicate the negative forces.

“Troops at the front are aware of the warm support of our compatriots, however, no image of the ongoing operations at Beni has been made public. This sequence dates from 2017 during a response to an ambush extended by the ADF on Mbau / Kamango,” FARDC said.



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