Museveni swapping fickle cadres for ghetto- Dr Bwenje


Political analyst Dr Bwenje Banura has revealed that NRM cadres have disappointed President Museveni hence forcing him to look to the ghetto for salvation.

Bwenje was commenting on Museveni’s decision to appoint singer Catherine Kusasira and fellow musician Buchaman as presidential advisors.

Analysts saw it as part of President Museveni’s strategy to win over the Ghetto and end the People Power Movement leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine threat.

“We cannot deny the fact that Bobi Wine has spread from the Ghetto and therefore if its a breeding ground for him, then you must go there,” said Dr Bwenje while appearing on NTV.

“Politically, you may take an action not because you are interested in the problems of the people but because you know when you do not do that, they will not vote for you.”

According to him, the President is doing politics and there is no doubt about that.

He said the so-called cadres have disappointed the President.

“Many people are now looking at grabbing some money before Museveni leaves power, they no longer care about the movement.”

He added: ”You cannot compare Bobi Wine with Buchaman, he has gone to school, he has been exposed to political ideas, theories and he can articulate the problems of the youth.”

He said the two have faced the same situation but they do not have the same understanding.



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