Mubs students threaten to join Makerere fees strike

Mubs Guild President Tusingwiire addressing press

Makerere University Business School (MUBS) student guild leaders have threatened to join their Makerere University counterparts to reject the 15% tuition and functional fees increment.

The student leaders from the business school said they are also against the contentious policy and gave their administration a four-day ultimatum, within which a response to their plea for a revision in the policy should be issued.

Mubs Guild President, Romulus Tusingwiire, told press that the government’s claim that it was unable to fully fund public universities leading up to the 15% fees increment is incomprehensible.

He cited the huge number of political appointments including the presidential advisors, RDCs and ministers, saying these are responsible for the largest government expenditure.

Tusingwiire was referring to people like Buchaman and Catherine Kusasira who were recently appointed presidential advisors with security and vehicles as well as musicians like Eddy Kenzo and Full Figure who were allegedly given a lot of money by President Museveni.

“One time we had 100 MPs but now we have 450 MPs sitting in the house which means that all 450 MPs need vehicles worth Shs 400m. If you do simple mathematics if you multiply 400 vehicles that have to transport them and you add also their fuel and their transport costs,” he is quoted by Uganda Radio Network [URN] as saying.

He added: “And yet government is coming out to tell us there is no money to fund education. Even us students, come out and help us. When we see one party benefiting from the whole accolade, we, us the youth of tomorrow lose hope in the government because we’re going to have more students drop out because they have no fees. Are you sending them to a place of hope or to a place of no hope?”

He disclosed how a student at MUBS confided in him that his parents had advised him to apply for a dead year due to their inability to raise the required fees, saying many students are experiencing similar financial hardships. 

At the end of the four days, Rusingwiire noted, Nakawa-based students will also start protesting as has the case at the main campus.



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