Agero replaces Bwana as new Besigye tormentor

Agero in action

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party says Senior Superintend of Police (SSP) Rashid Agero has now replaced Bwana Gilbert Arinaitwe as the new tormentor of opposition figure Kizza Besigye.

The party shared what it called more nasty scenes of “the unprofessional conduct” of some elements in Uganda Police while arresting Besigye at Spear Motors in Nakawa on Monday.

SSP Agero commanded his subordinates in the Field Force Unit (FFU) to smash and pepper spray Besigye’s vehicle and all its occupants.

FDC said when Agero’s juniors refused to take “his unlawful order”, he went ahead to accomplish the mission himself.

He reportedly smashed the windscreens with a gun, pepper sprayed, and ruthlessly pulled out and arrested the occupants of the vehicle including Dr. Besigye and his driver Kato Fred.

The party said this is a replica of what exactly Bwana Gilbert Arinaitwe did at Mulago roundabout during the famous walk-to-work protests.

FDC also accused ACP Dennis Namuwooza, Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) Deputy Commander, of hitting Besigye in the groin as he was arrested at Spear Junction after violently blocking FDC National Conference in Kira.

“After vandalizing Dr. Kizza Besigye’s vehicle with a gun together with SSP Agero Rashid, ACP Dennis Namuwooza attacked him while he was being taken into a waiting police pickup truck,” FDC said.

It further accused deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Sabiiti Muzeyi of emulating former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura in presiding over violence and a brutal police force.


SSP Agero, the commander of Field Force Unit in Kampala Metropolitan Police, replaced Senior Superintendent of Police Sam Omala who also had earned a reputation of being an Opposition tormentor in 2015.

Daily Monitor reported that during the build-up to 2006 General Election, Agero, then an Assistant Inspector of Police and the officer-in-charge of operations at Kampala Central Police Station, doused John Ssebaana Kizito, the then Democratic Party leader and other party members with coloured water and tear gas using water cannons mounted on armoured anti-riot trucks.

SSP Rashid Agero

He squared off with late Ssebaana, who was protesting on Kampala Road, and aimed a pistol at him.

Agero later led the eviction of traders in Shauriyako Market before it was reconstructed.

In July 2007, Goddy Muhumuza, who was then Makerere University legal adviser, accused police officers, including Agero, of kidnapping him and taking him to Butabika hospital on pretence that he had a mental problem.

Muhumuza later said the officers had connived with his relatives to stop him from testifying in a court in western Uganda where he had filed an assault case.

In 2011, after promotion to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Agero was appointed Lyantonde District Police Commander.

In May 2012, he was again in the news when he had a fist-fight with Lyantonde District chairperson Fred Muhangi at the district main police station.

Muhangi had gone to the police station to complain about the detention of his supporter, Paul Luzula, beyond 48 hours.

Muhangi engaged Mr Agero with a verbal exchange, which later turned into a fistfight. Muhangi fled but Agero opened a case of assault against him. He was later promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police.

On April 17, 2015, he was appointed Commander of the Field Force Unit (FFU) in Kampala Metropolitan Region replacing Omala, who was then Senior Superintendent of Police.

In February 2016, Agero was promoted to Senior Superintendent of Police.

On December 26, 2018, he led a team of police officers who violently dispersed Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, and his fans who were following him to attend his music concert at his One Love Beach in Busabala.

On July 17, Agero violently dispersed Pastor Joseph Kabuleta’s supporters who had gone to seek his release at the police Special Investigations Division in Kireka, a Kampala suburb.

Background information by Daily Monitor



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