Bobi Wine releases new song ‘Kasukali Keeko’


Singing Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has released a new activism song titled “Kasukali Keeko”.

Loosely translated as “that is the right amount of sugar”, the song hit YouTube Monday November 4, 2019.

In the introduction, Bobi Wine says the song is “not for playing on radios or TVs”, anticipating that it will be banned.

The song tells the story of ghetto life and how he struggled to rise from the ghetto to the revolutionary scene.

“Kasukali keeko, kyesimanyi oba tukongeremu!!!” [that is the right amount of sugar, I don’t know whether we should add more…]

Speed yeyo, kyesimanyi oba tujongeremu

Amanyi [power/energy] gego, kyesimanyi oba tugongeremu

The People Power Movement leader says he has sung many songs and now is the time to speak out for the benefit of oppressed Ugandans.

“The man with the big hat [Museveni] is afraid of the man with the small hat [Bobi Wine].”

Bobi Wine insists he is aware Museveni must go no matter what.

He says those from the ghetto were never treated as people but they have proved the world otherwise.

He accuses Museveni of presiding over brutal arrests, oppression and harassment of the citizens but now is the time to “see the power of the people”.

“Those who used to doubt and belittle me have now accepted. That is people power. All of you should exert more energy.”



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