Nubian Li slams sell-outs, fans to boycott Kenzo

Nubian Li

Singer Nubian Li has lashed out at those who are reportedly selling out to President Museveni saying a few coins here and there won’t end the problems facing Ugandans.

“Gifts and all sorts of personal financial favours from the President don’t take away the problems we are facing currently as a nation!” he noted.

In response, his singing partner and People Power Movement leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine praised Nubian for such a strong message.

“This is so deep, especially coming from a brother like Nubian, our coordinator for the arts and entertainment,” Bobi Wine said.

Victoria University

He added: “A fraternity that the dictator is so desperately trying to compromise. Big up Rasta. Real ghetto yute nuh sell out.”

Sell outs?

The message comes after People Power leaning musicians Eddy Kenzo and Jennifer Nakanguubi aka Full Figure were seen posing with President Museveni at State House Entebbe.

Full Figure and Museveni

After the meeting, Kenzo called its his greatest achievement and vowed never to campaign for Bobi Wine again.

Kenzo even had the audacity to equate Museveni to Jesus claiming he was a gift from God.

“After meeting him, I love him even more. He is like Uganda’s Jesus, actually, he is Jesus and I ask Ugandans to love their president,” Full Figure too is reported as saying.

“We never get the truth from the President because there are people out there who are bent on distorting things with their own agendas. But when you meet the president you get the real truth to many things. I am happy I met him,” said the formerly people power supporter.

She added: “Museveni has done so many good things but some Ugandans don’t see them. They blame Museveni for everything instead of asking their MPs and ministers.”


Meanwhile, angry Ugandans are proposing who call themselves “The Ultras” feel betrayed by Kenzo who allegedly jumped out of People Power after he announced he won’t campaign for Bobi Wine.

And the hurt fellas have taken to Facebook to call upon Ugandans to dump the Stamina singer.

“Dear fellow Ugandans, more especially those who seek for change, freedom and good governance in our country. Any person who says that you should stay out of politics is our number one enemy and a whole country because politics, directly, indirectly and in one way or the other influences and determines our day to day life present and future , believe me or not.

So we must know what we are fighting for and shouldn’t let

go, let’s always avoid all these intended diversionary and negative talks from the regime sponsored mutants.

I would rather die a poor man or chop wood than being a fashion puppet of the Babylon system of vampires and blood suckers. So I call upon all Ugandans and All Uganda’s well Wishers To stand with Us in this.

We Need Truth only Truth. you can’t say that Uganda is OK and even Security Good While Still People are dying in Uganda day and night. Everyone knows that Mr Museveni ordered His Killer Peter Orweru To kill Innocent Ugandans in Kasese in blood daylight. We should hate everyone who tells lies to Uganda, Anyone who work with Mr Museveni is An Enemy to Ugandans. As Oppressed Ugandans we have to use Evey way to set ourselves free. No intimidation. No one should silent us. We should stand for the truth. We are Ugandans we have to Fight for our Country.

You Attack Bobi Wine or People Power we Attack you.”



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