Ugandan arrested in botched Rwanda bank heist


Rwanda Investigation Bureau‏ [RIB] has arrested an organised group of criminals over a cyber-fraud attempt on Equity bank Rwanda.

This group was arrested while in the process of hacking into the bank system to steal money from clients’ accounts.

They include; eight Kenyans, three Rwandans and one Ugandan. RIB has not yet released the names of the suspects.

The group came to Rwanda after successfully defrauding Equity Bank both in Kenya and Uganda.

Victoria University

The case file was compiled and submitted to the Rwanda Prosecution for further management.

“RIB commends all those who shared information that led to the arrest of suspects and urge the public to remain vigilant and always share information that can be used to prevent crime,” the investigating body said.

Rwanda Prosecution‏ confirmed receiving the case file involving 12 suspects accused of Offences against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and computer or computer system.

It said investigations and interrogations are continuing and suspects will be arraigned in accordance with the Criminal Procedures.

It said cybercrimes is transnational in nature; to better fight such type of crimes, cooperation of countries is key in conducting joint investigation, creation of efficient channels of communication, requests for assistance, among others.



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