Mafabi dares Otafiire to fist fight for threatening to thump Mwijukye

Otafiire on the floor of parliament

Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the Budadiri County West MP on Wednesday challenged Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire to a fist fight after the army men threatened to thump Buhweju MP Francis Mwijukye.

“Even if you want blows, Otafiire we can get out and I show you,” Mafabi dared Otafiire as his colleagues from the opposition cheered on.

It all started when Speaker Rebecca Kadaga tasked Otafiire to present documents pertaining the acquisition of Njeru Stock Farm found at Bukaaya West Village, Buikwe District.

Njeru Stock farm is one of the government farms under the National Animal Genetics Resources Centre & Data Bank ((NAGRC & DB).

Victoria University

It hosts a dairy model farm and been reportedly parcelled out to different individuals, including Gen. Otafiire.

Kadaga said during the recess, members read about the grabbing of Njeru stock farm.

“For anyone who has used that route, you very know it that Njeru is a government property but it’s very absurd that it has been divided into small plots by private individuals,” she noted.

Hon.Gen. Kahinda Otafiire has presented documents today

Kadaga said she had received a complaint from certain people who say that the person behind this is Muhangi.

“I don’t know whether that is the same man who went and broke the building in Jinja. Unfortunately, as these things happen the name of Otafiire is mentioned. For that matter, we need to know the relationship between Muhangi and Otafiire. And who is this Muhangi who cannot be touched?” she wondered.

The Speaker then directed the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate the issue and we expect an answer next week.


At this point, Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda requested Kadaga to task Gen Otafiire to explain how his name is entangled in the matter.

Otafiire obliged. On the floor, he said court had instructed him to push out people occupying the said land because it is his.

Stunned, Mafabi then leaped to his feet: “I’m very sure Kahinda Otafiire is not born from Buganda. He comes from somewhere and Njeru Stock Farm has been around before he even became a minister.”

He went on: “There is a reason as to why the government put up this land. Now Otafiire, because he is the minister of Justice, uses the court to issue orders for him to take this land.”

“Madam Speaker isn’t this impunity of the highest order with an arrogance that a whole minister, who is supposed to protect this property is instead stealing it. This is an abuse of the office, it’s quite dangerous,” Mafabi concluded.

Buhweju County MP Francis Mwijukye also picked up the thread and stung Otafiire hard: “The minister while in charge of Lands used that ministry to grab this land and now want to use the Ministry of Justice to confirm that this land is his.”

Tempers flare

Otafiire jumped from his seat as if stung by a bee and took to the floor again, fuming.

“Yes, Yes, repeat what you have said. Repeat it out loud,” Otafiire dared Mwijukye pointing an accusatory and warning finger at him as members jeered.

“Repeat what you said here outside this house and you will see,” Otafiire threatened.

“Madam Speaker, I don’t envy the concerned. Hon Nandala is showing agricultural public property. I’m in court…”

When Kadaga insisted on the details, Otafiire referred her to the report of the Lady Justice Bamugemereire, who investigated the matter.

“No, no,” Mafabi was on his feet again, stating,” Hon Otafiire is known for using his office to grab public property. I will speak it loud and I will see what you will do to me.”

Mafabi further told the house that when Otafiire was a minister of Lands, he went and used powers of his office to acquire public land in Kyambogo.

“So the issue that Otafiire uses his office to grab land is a true story. I will repeat it outside and see what you will do to me. You have used these offices to grab public property. Even if you want blows, Otafiire we can get out. We go and try now. You come,” said Nandala.

A cowed Otafiire just laughed at Nandala, before he took to his seat.

Today, Thursday, Otafiire moved to present documents before plenary confirming the transfer of ownership of Government Stock Farm at Njeru to his ownership.

Otafiire presented documents before plenary confirming transfer of ownership of Njeru Government Stock Farm to himself.

Kadaga asked to study the documents and has promised to give a ruling on the matter next week.



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