UK Parliament Approves Holding Snap General Election on December 12

© AP Photo / Matt Dunham

Earlier, UK Lawmakers rejected amendments changing the election date in early election bill to December 9.

The United Kingdom’s parliament’s House of Commons on Tuesday approved holding a snap general election on December 12.

Among the UK lawmakers, 438 voted in favour of holding snap election, and 20 voted against.

The bill is now set to go before the House of Lords.

The House of Commons leader said that the dissolution date for the UK Parliament is next Wednesday, November 6.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly demanded a snap election in a bid to break the deadlock over his proposal for the terms of the withdrawal from the EU, which has been in limbo since last week. According to UK Prime Minister, after the election, a new parliament and government will be able to ratify the deal.

‚ÄčThe United Kingdom has been mired in political turmoil since the Brexit referendum in June 2016 when Britons vote by 52 to 48 percent to leave the European Union.


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