Police raids mayor home, teargases FDC leaders

Police officers facing off with FDC leaders

Police on Sunday raided a meeting and dispersed Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] structure leaders and supporters that had gathered in Nabiganda-Butaleja district to listen to Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

According to the party, a very tough battle and exchange between FDC structure leaders, supporters and residents of Nabiganda Sub County, with police that blocked and attempted to disperse them from meeting Amuriat.

The meeting was organised by Butaleja district Party leader Mr. Mwangale Peter as one of the district mobilisation tours that the Party has embarked on a head of re-structuring programme that is in the pipeline by the Party.

This is the second Party meeting that Uganda Police is harshly dispersing with live bullets and teargas canisters in just a spell of two days the first being Busia district leaders meeting on Saturday.

Victoria University

“All these are signs of a rotten and dead regime whose survival is not dependent on the will of the governed anymore but the instruments of coercion whose holders are equally tired of the same junta rule. Change is inevitable,” the party said.

Police raids Mayor’s home

On Saturday, police invaded the Home of the Mayor Busia Municipal Council Bwire Hassan Opio where Amuriat and Hon. Oduman Charles Okello were meeting FDC leaders in a bid to prepare them for the upcoming exercise of structure building and dispersed the meeting.

Armed to the teeth, the DPC Busia Elepot commanded the operation against the freedom to assemble that is a given for a registered Political Party.

“This is a continuation of Museveni’s use of what would be a People’s Police force to serve interests of protecting a 34 year old dictatorship,” the party said.

It added: “The battle to end this junta regime is nearing the end.”



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