Makerere guild president arrested as protests rage on

A student faints as police teargases them

Makerere University Guild President Julius Kateregga and Guild Speaker Ezra Byakutangaza alongside several students have been arrested over a protest against tuition increment.

Kateregga and Byakutangaza were arrested Wednesday morning after they had gone to see Siperia Mollie, the female GRC who led the strike.

They were detained at Wandegeya Police Station as precaution to prevent further demonstrations.

Police arrests a student

This didn’t save the situation as lectures were interrupted by striking students prompting police to fire teargas and rubber bullets.

On arrest, Kateregga still demanded the immediate reinstatement of Siperia Mollie from suspension, the immediate halting Of the cumulative tuition increment, immediate degazetting of the ‘Council’ Students Guild Electoral Reforms and immediate improvement of sanitation in Halls Of Residence.

The strike which started from Mitchel hall of residence saw the striking students fetch their colleagues who were attending lectures at different colleges and forced all of them outside.

Military and police engaged them in running battles all over the university as they chanted “fees must fall”.

More riots

A notice has been issued by the student body calling their colleagues to participate in the “”bloody Thursday” protests.

According to the notice, the protest commences very early in the morning at Lumumba hall, and all other halls.

“All the lectures for tomorrow are henceforth dismissed. Fresher’s are shunning away from the #FEESMUSTFALL campaign so on the bloody Thursday they must forcefully be engaged. It has to start from all university halls,” reads the notice.   

Leaders have already been notified and will immediately start when time comes Lumumba and Nkrumah shall go to Kikoni hostel per hostel and “force everyone out, even if you cannot enter, the teargas will drive everyone out”.

“We want full engagement of everyone that’s when our cause will be successful.  This matter concerns every student in Makerere. We shall demand for the release of our guild president, Siperia Mollie and other comrades who have been detained by police.”

“Then we shall peacefully match to freedom square. They may beat us, they may break us, but they’ll not break our spirit.”



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