I’m rightful UPDF commander-in-chief, Besigye tells Tumwebaze

Museveni’s convoy stuck in Kampala floods

A new war of words broke out on twitter as ICT minister Frank Tumwebaze took on opposition figure Kizza Besigye for commenting about the national army, UPDF.

It started when Besigye commented on the bush war song, saying the ruling government was maintaining the national army as part of the movement.

“NRA bush-war song: Our Party (NRM) is a sharp knife to cut all bad people”! There’s incessant effort to make (keep) UPDF as an armed wing of NRM(o)!” Besigye said.

He added: “Here’s a display of the NRM Spokesperson’s effort. Happily, UPDF knows better & there’s immense evidence of that.”

Victoria University

Besigye was commenting on government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo’s moral boosting officers after his talk at Ruhengere Tactical Training Centre Kiruhura District.

A disturbed Tumwebaze pointed out: “But again @kizzabesigye1 you once told the whole country how majority of UPDF was supporting you?”

He went on: “I think you are better off leaving UPDF out of your endless political  altercations.”

Besigye then replied: “I’ve a legitimate claim to being the rightful (elected) Commander-in-Chief of the forces- reason I was charged with treason &not tried yet as another election approaches!”

He added: “I’ve a duty to defend them against abuse by rented (reactionary) regime agents.”

Besigye also used to opportunity to point out how “Boda bodas seem to fare better than a “Presidential Convoy” in Kampala’s perennially flooded streets during the rainy season!”

“Colour of water shows amount of soil that’s been eroded to silt waterways & reservoirs. After 34 years NRM/M7 Junta, let’s save our Pearl,” he said while showing Museveni’s convoy stuck in Kampala floods.



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