There’s no threat I can’t handle, Museveni tells Rwanda

Museveni shakes hands with Kagame

President Yoweri Museveni has spoken out on Uganda’s relations with Rwanda and why Rwandan government has continued to close its Katuna border despite signing a peace deal in Angola.

BBC Newsday journalist Alan Kasujja asked Museveni at State House Entebbe to explain what exactly is going on between Uganda and Rwanda.

“You called it a hiccup not long ago. They closed the borders last year, the borders are still closed…” noted Kasujja.

Museveni replied: “What I have said is that I am not going to discuss in the press what I can discuss with President Kagame in a confidential meeting.”

Victoria University

Kasujja then reminded Museveni that Kigali accuses him of harbouring elements that want to cause regime change in Rwanda.

In response, Museveni said he met Paul Kagame in Angola and signed an agreement. “Go and read that communiqué.”

Kasujja then tasked President Museveni to explain how long the Uganda-Rwanda will continue to close borders.

Museveni said: “You see the problem is that leaders can’t go and solve issues in the papers, I will not do that.”

Asked whether security was one of the biggest threats to Uganda’s development security, Museveni said: “There is no threat we can’t handle.”

When asked if the huge number of youths, making demands about their future and looking for jobs, isn’t an internal security threat.

Museveni said: “It isn’t a threat, it is an opportunity, jobs are there and they will be there, if you look at agriculture, there is potential. We were struggling with basics like electricity, we now have enough electricity.”



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