Museveni’s untouchable mafia want to kill me- Nantaba

Nantaba and Museveni

Idah Nantaba, State Minister for ICT says she knows some of the suspects that want to kill her and has mentioned them to President Museveni.

Appearing on NBS television Thursday morning, Nantaba said her tormentors are very close to the President.

“I told him you are a prisoner……bad people bring you information. The good information is blocked from reaching you,” she said.

Here is her full revelation:

Host: How have you been since?

Idah Nantaba: I’m a prayerful woman and God knows my calendar. There are times when I want to run away but I serve a living God. Things have gone bad in Uganda, they’ve gone beyond. It hurts when people in government try to kill you. I know who wants to kill me.

Host: Who wants to kill you?

Idah Nantaba: I’ve given you a clue to the most powerful person in this country.

Host: Is there someone bigger than the generals?

Idah Nantaba: There are generals bigger than the police. I’m waiting for the report from police on who ordered Ssebulime to kill me. What I have discovered is there are bad people close to President Museveni who manipulate him. They falsely make anyone look bad in his eyes.

Host: Are you paying a price for politics or something beneath? Did you cross someone’s red light?

Minister Idah Nantaba: I crossed someone’s red light. We have untouchables in this country.

Host:  Do you regret crossing that line?

Idah Nantaba: I don’t regret because service takes all that and more.

Host:  How did you catch the eye of the president?

Idah Nantaba: President Museveni is interested in people who want to serve this nation. He is the biggest servant who needs a helping hand. How do you want the president to help you?

He needs to clean the police. Have the courtesy to touch the untouchables. The country is suffering but some people can’t be brought to order. Every time you cross their line, you’re looking for bloodshed.

I know the police won’t handle this matter, that’s why they’re silent. Idah Nantaba says she calls Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson a puppet.

Host:  Do you feel proud that the government you serve wants to kill you?

Nantaba: If there are thieves in the church who steal from the people, how about in the government? My only hope is in God because President Museveni is surrounded by bad people.

Tamale Mirundi keeps talking about mafias surrounding President Museveni and that is very true.

Host: Are your tormentors close to the president?

Minister Nantaba: Yes. They stay with him. I’ve told the president before that he is a prisoner; bad people bring him information, yet the good information is blocked from reaching him.

Host:  Is what you’re doing worth the risk?

Idah Nantaba: Service is this and more. Some people choose to be silent and be part of the rot.

Minister Idah Nantaba on the alleged reports that she had fled to Canada: “I am a public servant. When the prime minister signs me to execute government duties, I go”.



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