Ballot paper won’t remove Museveni from power- Besigye

Besigye delivering his State of the People Address

Dr Col Kizza Besigye, former FDC presidential candidate, Wednesday morning appeared on NBS television “Morning Breeze” programme to discuss the “Road to 2021: How prepared is the Opposition?”

Besigye says President Museveni is in office illegitimately and that the act of security forces attacking Parliament is high treason “and our country has not dealt with it…”

“Separate what I am saying about 2021 from the need to have an election… I gave up my life for an election.”

Besigye said Ugandans must understand that ending rule by guns is not going to happen through a throw of a piece of paper in a box.

Victoria University

He says all forces fighting the dictatorship are infiltrated including FDC.

Here is the interview:

Simon Kaggwa Njala: What’s the political barometer like?

Dr Kizza Besigye: There is one constant which is discontent within the people. This is because of the social-economic conditions.

Host: What does this spell for the opposition?

Besigye: We must get our bearings on the political terrain right. The situation in this country for a very long time has been managed by a small group of people who use force to coerce the rest of the people. The artificial categorisation of our politics is deliberate to distort and confuse us. It affects how we solve the problem we’re dealing with. We’re not any different from when our country was taken over by foreigners. Since 1962, no leader has handed over power willingly. This clearly shows that the people have no say on how and who governs them.

I was a candidate in 2016 but still on bail. I was charged with treason but still insist I won the 2016 elections. Mr Museveni is illegally and illegitimately in the office of the president. We’re talking about a situation that has imperial evidence. If the 2021 election is going to be the type of elections we’ve always had, people should warn up to it differently.

Host: Is Besigye on the ballot for 2021?

Besigye: Before we talk about 2021, we need to put it into context. We have an illegitimate president who changed the constitution, appointed a new Electoral Commission and attacked the parliament.

The reason we’ve been fighting all these years is to have an election. The reason I went to the bush was to have an election. If there is a need to struggle, we must figure out how to do so.

We’ve been living under the control of guns for so long, that’s why this struggle shouldn’t be trivialised to the struggle of Besigye. It’s for everyone. Ending rule by guns isn’t going to happen through a throw of a piece of paper in a box.

Dictators and people who dominate others use four tools; fear, bribes, divide and rule as well as controlling information and propaganda. Forces that try to fight the regime are being infiltrated and that’s how the government survives.

We must reclaim the country. Once we have the power, we can organise how that power is managed and create rules. By the grace of God, we shall take action to regain our freedom.



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