Museveni gives Sabiiti 2 days to catch panga killers

Muzeeyi Sabiiti

President Museveni has given deputy Inspector General of Police Muzeeyi Sabiiti two days to catch panga-wielding killers.

Museveni in a Tuesday message said he has been moving to Addis Ababa, Juba, Jinja etc and is also busy with Cabinet.

“In a few days, I will get time to respond to your earlier responses. However, for today, I will only comment on the pigs that are attacking People with pangas and mitayimbwa (steel- bars) and robbing them,” he said.

“These are gangs we shall easily defeat. That is what we did with the Kiddawalime gang in Masaka, the gang of Bukomero, the gang of Entebbe etc,” he added.

“I have given 2 days to Commander Sabiiti of the Police to come out with a plan to combat these gangs.”

Museveni said the IGP [Okoth Ochola] is away in Peru for a meeting.

He promised to look at that plan, comment on it and it will, then, “be communicated to all of you”.

“It is easy to defeat these gangs. Their crimes will only add to the credit of the NRM because we are going to defeat them.”

Yet, the People have already seen the bankruptcy and the criminality of these groups and those who back them, he noted.



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