Man kidnaps 16 school kids for circumcision fee

Lwanga and his taxi

On Monday at around 9:00am, Ndegeya Peter 49 years, a head teacher of St Peter’s Katulo Primary School in Sigi Lc1 Mbazi Parish Mpigi district reported a case of abduction of 16 school children.

They are between the age of 4-13. They were abducted by one Lwanga Musa with motor vehicle registration UAU 260L.

Upon getting the information a team of detectives swung in action commanded by Oc station Bujuuko and managed to intercept Lwanga Musa the suspect and arrested him.

The 16 children were all rescued and later reunited with their parents.

Some of the children who had been abducted by Lwanga.

It was later established that Lwanga Musa allegedly picks up children from schools and along the way without the consent of the parents.

He later takes them to hospital for circumcision as he earns Shs50,000/= per head.

He is currently detained at Bujuuko Police station as investigations go on into the matter.



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