Police urges boda riders on helmets, reflector jackets

ACP Kirungi

Yumbe: In a continued effort to improve road safety, about 1000 boda boda riders from Yumbe District have been urged to embrace road safety.

Under their umbrella body, Yumbe Boda Boda Riders Association, the riders were also told to embrace wearing reflector jackets but above all, be vigilant, observe road signs and put on helmets.

This message was delivered by the Commissioner, Inspectorate of Vehicles, ACP Sulaiman Kirungi who thanked the Uganda Pedestrian and Passenger Association for their great efforts in sensitizing boda boda riders on road safety awareness.

“Be vigilant on roads, observe the road signs, dress your helmets, do not wear helmets because you have seen the Police but put them on for your safety and take your lives very important,” said ACP Kirungi.

Kirungi commended the riders for the crucial role they play in the transport sector and urged them not to be used or allow criminal elements to infiltrate them.

He also urged them to acquire driving permits which he said improves their road confidence.

The Director Uganda Passengers and Pedestrian Association, Charles Ivette said together with the Police, thousands of motorcycle riders have been trained and sensitized in traffic rules and regulations, road sign interpretation, causes of road accidents, personal security of riders, simple motor vehicle maintenance and also empowered passengers to always speak up in case of bad driving which he said is the major cause of road accidents.



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