Youth who want power must befriend us- Gen Tumwine

Gen Elly Tumwine

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine has cautioned the youth that unless they befriend aging leaders, they should give up the idea of ever holding power.

Tumwine was speaking to NTV journalist Ali Mivule Wednesday on the sidelines of Independence Day celebrations in Sironko district.

Ali Mivule: General, do you think its time for the young generation to lead the country?

Gen Tumwine: Every time is a time for everything. The young people better prepare how to belong in the old generation instead of saying “this is our time” who are you?

Victoria University

The security minister made it clear that without old people like him, there wouldn’t be the young in the first place.

“Young people, you are just a product of our effort,” Tumwine pointed out.

He said young people who want power should befriend old people.

“Don’t try to abuse or intimidate them because they are well experienced, knowledgeable and rich, they can deal with you very easily.”

According to Tumwine, President Museveni has done more than 50 years of sacrifice for Uganda.

Speaking earlier on NBS television, Tumwine said Independence, as described by President Julius Nyerere, is the freedom to manage or mismanage your affairs.

“Freedom, confidence and democracy are the three words you should emphasize when talking about independence.”

“People fear being challenged but it’s good because you need to move forward. Uganda holds free and fair elections. However, it’s a continuous effort that needs checks.”

He said there is a threat to the world called the Red Movement managed by some few individuals who want to break the stability of the established order of things. It’s associated with LGBT, CryptoCurrency.

He is also on record for saying the purported torture victims that have been appearing before the human rights committee of Parliament are serial hardcore criminals.



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