Rwanda army kills 19 gunmen, captures 5 others

The suspects

Rwanda’s security organs have killed 19 and captured five [5] suspected assailants responsible for an attack in Musanze district on Friday night.

According to a statement by Rwanda Police, the hunt is on for more people who are suspected to have taken part in the killings.

Officials from Rwanda ministry of Defence say they pursued and killed the assailants who orchestrated the attack in three sectors of Musanze District (Nyange, Kinigi and Musanze) in which eight [8 people] were killed.

The eight residents were killed in Kinigi which is adjacent to the Virunga national park.

Victoria University

The attack left 18 causalities, according to a statement issued by the National Police on Saturday.

The incident took place at around 9:30pm. They revealed that the attackers were dressed in civilian attire with guns and knives among other crude weapons.

The victims were buried today in their respective home areas.



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