KIU hosts 9th Vice Chancellors conference forum

Dr. A.B Kasozi

On 4th of October had Kampala International University hosting the Uganda Vice Chancellors Conference Forum at the university’s Ibrahim Basajabala Memorial Library.

The forum was constituted in 1997 as a dedicated group of Vice Chancellors’ and Heads of Institutions who felt the need to have a united voice and share lessons on mutual concerns.

UVCF enhances the sharing of knowledge, information and practices and advises Government on various policies on promoting University Education.

This year’s edition; higher education in Uganda was graced  Hon. Mary Karooro Okurut; Minister of General Duties Office of the Prime Minister who was the guest of honour for the event. The minister commended private universities of how far they have come and the forum for bringing together great minds for the greater good of Uganda.

Victoria University

“As we stand here at KIU, its not just the infrastructure that is impressive but rather the quality education is what makes Uganda proud of the work put in by private universities.”

The sessions were jet started by Dr. A.B Kasozi, Research Fellow Makerere Institute of Social Research who in his presentation advised that A.levels should be scrapped as they waste students at a crucial time of education.

Kasozi also emphasised that in order to improve the quality of graduates, there ought to be a demystification of the division of arts and sciences.

“We live both physiological and sociological lives and so students should study both sciences and arts.”

Dr Kasozi’s presentation stirred up a debate on whether Advanced level should be scrapped to which members joked that,

“If A levels are scrapped and yet they are the requirements for one to join parliament, are we ready for a fifteen year old honourable.”

Muyingo was also present

Prof. John Mugisha the Vice Chancellor Cavendish University in his speech also advised that a plan of education must be put in place one that reflects the needs of the society.

He was backed by Uganda Martyrs University VC Prof. John Maviiri who said reforms in the higher education system are required and they ought to be in line with the National Development Plan.

The VCs went on to discuss issues like the deficiency of phone holders in universities as National Council of Higher Education requires 60% of university staff to be phd holders and yet most still range at lows of 13%.

The event was concluded by a panel moderated by Dr. JC Muyingo the Minister of State for Higher Education and it was resolved that Makerere should become a center for post graduate research and the higher education system should be adjusted to meet the needs of the population.



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