Nkurunziza receives his wife as special guest at State House

Nkurunziza and his wife pose for a photo

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza on Monday received his wife as a “special guest” in the new Presidential Palace dubbed Ntare House.

“At a Ntare House hearing, the First Lady of the Burundi S.E. presented to the Head of State,” the presidency said.

First Lady B. Nkurunziza then presented to her husband awards received in recognition of her work in the transformation of society and her commitment to the most needy.

She got the three awards in New York, USA for outstanding intervention in the society “actress of change”.

Victoria University

So basically, Nkurunziza received his wife at State House (where she lives with him) as a “special guest” and she presented him the awards she received in the US as a special state occasion.

While the incident may not be new with African states, critics believe this is another form of abuse of power and nepotism in its own right.  

In May this year, President Nkurunziza made headlines for publicly gifting his 12-year-old daughter with an envelope of cash for being well behaved.

Naomie Nkurunziza was awarded alongside senior state officials, farmers and the country’s national football team which had just qualified for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

Also awarded at the ceremony which was held on May 1, 2019 was a judo champion, governors and district administrators.

The ceremony took place at a sports stadium at Rumonge, about 80km from the capital Bujumbura.



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