We’ll embarrass Museveni with vote audit- Amuriat

Amuriat faces off with the army in Hoima

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat says the Hoima election was hosted in violence and characterised by voter bribery.

“Contrary to what Ofwono Opondo [government spokesperson] says, Hoima has had FDC leadership presence,” said Amuriat while appearing on NBS television Monday morning.

“How can we acknowledge defeat when NRM took money to bribe voters, heavy deployment to scare voters as well as harass our officials? How can you talk about a free and fair election when pre-ticked ballots were intercepted?”

He said the credibility of this election is highly questionable and that its a shame for NRM to chest-thump when everything went wrong.

Victoria University

“It’s too early for them to celebrate. The 28,789 votes allocated to us should send a shock wave to NRM that the people of this country are ready to stand up to a dictatorship that has systematically put them down.”

According to Amuriat, 28,789 votes is the official result they got. He said the result is a combination of several things from the election.

“The NRM lost this election and this is a forced result we must contest. In all the by-elections, there has always been heavy deployment which influences the ability and courage of the people to turn up. And we keep asking, what kind of security do we need for by-elections? Rather than the regular police, we have military deployment and we keep asking, do we need military deployment?”

He said winning in Jinja and Rukungiri doesn’t mean they didn’t have malpractice but won because we were vigilant.

“It was winning by the skin of the tooth,” Amuriat noted, adding that President Museveni will be embarrassed when they get the real audit of the Hoima election.

“The People’s government is now causing NRM trouble. They speak about it and recognise us. You are going to feel the pressure of the joint opposition.”

Harriet Businge Mugenyi Akiiki was declared the winner in the By-election for the Hoima District Woman Member of Parliament.

Businge of the ruling National Resistance Movement polled 33,301 votes making up 52.2% of the votes cast whereas her Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] counterpart Asinansi Nyakato got 28,789 (45.1%).

The difference was 4,512 votes (7.07%). Some 1690 votes were rejected.



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