Amuriat says Hoima election rigged, weighs court action

Police blocks Amuriat in Hoima

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat has labelled Hoima parliamentary by election “another fuss”.

Results emerging from Hoima indicate that the junta Electoral Commission is about to declare the NRM candidate the winner in this election and therefore telling the whole world that our candidate Asinansi Nyakato Kamanda has lost, Amuriat said.

“Firstly and importantly I wish to thank Ms. Nyakato for running a spirited campaign which could have brought victory to us if election by itself (as I’ll explain below) could bring change in Hoima. Bunyoro will never be the same after this election.”

“Secondly I would like to express my appreciation to all the political parties and groups that joined us in Hoima in different ways in pursuit of democracy. FDC will remain indebted to you all for that support that made our candidate run a decent race and win this election.”

Victoria University

Thirdly and most serious, Amuriat regretted and condemned the extensive electoral malpractices by NRM that marred the electoral exercise during the campaign and climaxing on the voting day.

The excessive brutality by the military against opposition supporters and massive outright rigging through ballot stuffing using pre ticked ballots and falsifying results just reinforces the mockery to democracy that come with every election organized by the NRM junta. This makes the credibility of the outcome questionable, he maintained.

He said in the next few hours after FDC field teams have come up with a concrete dossier of malpractices, they will be taking a decision on the next course of action, most probably petitioning against the result of this election.

“Meanwhile I thank the FDC leadership in Hoima and Bunyoro region and all delegations from our chapters across Uganda, for the great sacrifice made and a job well done. I also appreciate all the voters of Hoima who entrusted us with their support.”

Amuriat said clearly elections by itself and in itself will not free this country, the reason that in the FDC advocate for ACTION to cause change before another election is rigged in the year 2021.

“To all democracy seeking groups and individuals let Hoima not dampen our spirit and will to continue the struggle. We MUST get back into the trenches.”



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