Makerere ‘Kabody’ dies as army man beats students

Katanga Boy Fat Joe

A famous fat boy from Katanga slum adjacent to Makerere University is reported to have died.

Allan Musinguzi breathed his last Wednesday, reported Campusbee.

He is better known as Katanga Boy, Kabody, Fat Joe and Bro Biggie

He was mostly within university premises as a street beggar or doing odd jobs for a fee.

Victoria University

He was always paid money during guild campaigns just to make noise for candidates.

He is said to have succumbed to drug abuse.

Military officer clobbers student

Meanwhile, an unidentified military police officer is reported to have clobbered two students at Makerere University for jogging in the premises.


Joseph and Melanie, both students at the Ivory Tower who go jogging every morning, were reportedly beaten by a soldier at the Western Gate in Kikoni.

Melanie was beaten in the face with a stick while Joseph was beaten on the arms, legs and in the back in full view of the security cameras.

The accused officer

Melanie who is currently nursing head bruises told Campusbee the soldier even threatened them not to report him to police.



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