Kayihura trouble concerns all Ugandans, says Wanyoto

Lydia Wanyoto

Lydia Wanyoto, NRM CEC member says former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura is not the first and will not be the last to be sanctioned by America.

“As a country, we cannot leave him alone because he is a Ugandan and holds a Ugandan passport,” Wanyoto said Tuesday while appearing on NBS television.

Host: What is your take on the Kayihura sanctions by the USA?

Wanyoto: This is an international institutional mechanism. Kayihura isn’t the first and won’t be the last one. I want to look at this as a Ugandan issue. Before anything else, Kayihura is Ugandan.

Victoria University

“There should be lessons learnt. If he was a normal individual, maybe he wouldn’t have come face to face with the indictment but the nature of the office he held makes this understandable,” she said.

According to Wanyoto, these are allegations against him as an individual.

“As a country, we need to appreciate and understand the indictment, but we can’t leave him alone because he is Ugandan.”

Wanyoto said Kayihura’s troubles shouldn’t be celebrated.

“I feel sorry for people who do so because they don’t understand how public offices work. If your mindset and outlook are going to be as small as some tree trunks, you’re going to be eaten by a bigger lion.”

She went on: “We have an issue of how we run our country as leaders. This is a Ugandan issue and not an NRM or Kayihura issue. We need to build our systems because when you get power, what checks you? If you say this is an NRM issue, you’re going to be shocked.”

Host: Do Kayihura’s tribulations reflect on the NRM?

Wanyoto: Power, authority and state machinery are a constant, the rest come and go. We need to grow checks and balances in these three aspects, if you don’t know the limitations, you’ll mess up.

Wanyoto said for the NRM government, Kayihura has been tested by the local system.

“The NRM isn’t quiet, we always allow due process to take the course. If there are allegations, they will be handled one by one, it’s not in the interest of NRM to interfere in such processes.”



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