Museveni: leaders let down Africa, lets build our USA

Museveni and Odinga

President Museveni has said political integration “is music to my ears” and that Africa should build its own USA rather than worshipping USA.

He was Tuesday complimenting the High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa Raila Odinga who called for the unity of African states if they are to realise meaningful development.

The Kenyan opposition leader who was among high profile attendees at the Public Private Partnerships Conference held at Serena hotel in Kampala said most African governments have failed the continent noting that the battle of corruption amongst officials continues.

“There is new thinking on how to finance the opening up of Africa and all its regions to business, travel and trade. Strengthening regional integration is key in the development of Africa.”

Victoria University

Museveni, on his part, encouraged Africans to support each other rather than worshipping outsiders.

“What Odinga said here about political and economic integration is music to my ears! This is what I have been telling my people….Why do you worship the United States as powerful, but you do not want to build your own United States?” Museveni said.

“The message is build your own strength. I urge the bazukulu to fight for your own USA.”

He added: “In a country like Uganda, being bright is not a requirement. You can survive even when you are a fool.”

Museveni said when China was getting out of poverty, the price of steel went up from $200 to $900 per tonne because they were building infrastructure.

“To build infrastructure in Africa, we’ll need a lot of steel and other raw materials. It is big business.”

“May God forgive those who were sabotaging the conference, but also, you should forgive them and pray for them so that they repent. Forgive them for they don’t know what they were doing.”

To Bazzukulu, Museveni said “instead of not combing your hair and running around, fight for the integration of Africa (which is for strategic security).”



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