UTB finds dinosaur food ‘cycads’ in Kitagwenda


A team from Uganda Tourism Board led by the CEO, Lilly Ajarova joined Makay Mwebingwa from Cycad Village Uganda on a tour of the world’s prehistoric species – The cycads, mostly known as dinosaur food.

It is believed that everywhere the cycads are, dinosaurs lived.

Found in Kitagwenda District, the cycads sit in the Mpanga gorge; making a spectacular scenery and unforgettable sight.

Ajarova and her team

The area too makes a great location for film. Investment opportunities here range from zip lines, cable cars, coffee house among others.

Activities include; nature walks through the forest and caves, rock climbing, birding among others.

The next step for UTB is to profile the area for development and investment.

The species is threatened and needs to be conserved.

The plants flourished 200-300 million years ago and like Crocodiles, are considered ‘living fossils’ having outlived and survived the era of the dinosaurs.

They have remained virtually unchanged for over 300 million years.



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