Sleep trails Gen Jeje Odongo all the way to Kigali

Gen Jeje Odongo fast asleep during the Kigali meeting

The sleeping bug that caught and entered the blood stream of President Museveni’s aging ministers this morning tracked down Gen Jeje Odongo all the way to Kigali in Rwanda.

This was during the Rwanda – Uganda discussions on the implementation of the Luanda Memorandum of Understanding meeting that has kicked off in Kigali.

The minister of Internal Affairs who is part of the Ugandan delegation did not wait long before dozing off and then…he was fast asleep.

It is unclear whether the minister will even grasp anything discussed in the meeting or wait to read about it in newspapers.

The Ugandan delegation
Victoria University

When asked about his worryingly aging cabinet, Museveni said: “Edm Nakasala is worried about my “worryingly old people”. Nakasala, I also have young people, even in the cabinet- Evelyn Anite, Namuganza, Kibuule, Galabuzi etc.”

He cited the above as some youth MPs, youth councillors etc, explaining: “When we talk of youth, do not think of biology, think of ideology- what to do and how. A correctly oriented youth is what Africa needs.”

He added: “You can be young biologically but have old ideas, or you can be old but have young (new) ideas. That is what we did when we were young. That is how we were able to confront very serious Problems.”

Kutesa speaks

In his opening speech, Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa who is leading the team said the MoU enshrines the principle of finding African solutions to African problems.

He gave a historical background of ties between the two countries, saying that they are interconnected.

The Ugandan delegation is also composed of the Minister of Internal Affairs Gen J.J Odongo, Attorney General William Byaruhanga, the High Commissioner to Rwanda Olive Wonekha and Amb. Joseph Ocwet from the President’s Office.

Angolan Minister of External Relations Manuel Domingos Augusto and the DR Congo Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Security & Customary Affairs Gilbert Kakonde Malamba are in attendance.

The hosts’ delegation is led by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Olivier Nduhungirehe, Minister of Local Government Anastase Shyaka, the Minister of Justice Busingye Johns, the Secretary General of the National Intelligence & Security Services (NISS) Maj. Gen Joseph Nzabamwita, Rwanda’s High Commission to Uganda, Maj. Gen F. Mugambage and Anaclet Kalibata, the Director General of External Intelligence & Security Services.



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