Kutesa quits politics, fronts daughter

Kutesa introducing his daughter

Mawogola County MP and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa has announced that he is quitting active politics.

Speaking over the weekend, Kutesa implored his electorate to stick to the NRM party, and support the youths who have better ideas for developing Ssembabule.

Kutesa made the remarks during a community service initiative to clean up different villages and trading centres in the district.

He pointedly discouraged the people power pressure group from operating in his constituency.

Victoria University

He further announced that he would retire from Mawogola North Parliamentary seat and introduced his daughter Shartsi Musherure Nayebare Kutesa as his successor.

Sembabule NRM Youth league leader David Kabanda said Kutesa has unquestionably worked for the people of Ssembabule.

“His works will leave a trail that his daughter Shartsi Musherure Nayebare Kutesa will follow”.

“There is absolutely no harm in choosing his daughter as his successor. His legacy will be preserved that way,” Kabanda added.

Kutesa agreed it’s time for old guys to cede space for the young generation.

The Foreign minister’s announcement came shortly after U.S announcing sanctions against former Police chief Gen Kale Kayihura.

Kutesa’s name was prominently mentioned in a Shs1.8bn corruption scandal in which a Chinese national Chi Ping Ho was convicted.



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