Museveni gives Seninde Shs100m, says leading a country is like practicing medicine

Museveni arriving for the ceremony

President Museveni on Saturday officiated the graduation ceremony for 30,000 women and youth who successfully completed their training in various vocational skills organised by the Seninde foundation, at Wakiso district headquarters.

“I want to thank my daughter for the work well done. This means that she is understanding the problems of Uganda and solving them,” he said in praise of Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde, the State Minister for Primary Education.

Leading a country is like practicing medicine, Museveni said.

“If a doctor is to cure a disease, he must carry out a diagnosis first and find the disease. If you are sick, and you ask for where to go, you are directed to Mulago.”

He said the same applies to NRM and that “it gives you direction on how to curb poverty”.

He said in order to do this, Ugandans must participate in one of the four sectors to amass wealth.

According to the president, what Honourable (Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde) has done is very commendable.

She is implementing what NRM should have done in the 1996 manifesto. It is also part of the 5th point of the NRM ten-point programme of which was to create small industries and jobs, he noted.

He said some other Members of Parliament in Kampala are also trying to do this which means that some leaders are beginning to wake up now and understand that four sectors (commercial agriculture, industries, services, ICT) are the only way to create wealth for the country.

“Lately, we have been importing clothes and shoes yet we have the resources to make them from here. We have a very big market for these products. We must make them, get jobs for the youths, create wealth and also circulate the money in our economy.”

“I bless this project by Seninde and will add 100 million in the foundation. About empowering the graduates, I will provide tailoring and salon equipment as entandikwa (capital) for their start-up businesses.”



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