Opposition cannot remove Museveni, says researcher

President Museveni

Makerere Institute of Social Research [MISR] researcher Yusuf Serunkuma Kajura says the current opposition in Uganda cannot remove President Museveni from power.

Yusuf is a Cultural Studies major with a Bachelors’ degree in Literature and English Language who also has interests in historical studies and political economy.

He was Tuesday appearing on NBS TV “Morning Breeze” programme to discuss the spate of insecurity in a socio-political perspective alongside Dr. Tanga Odoi, the NRM Electoral Commission chairman and political historian.

Yusuf said in this country, the history of gun violence is against the state not individuals, the use of guns therefore speaks to the state.

Victoria University

“What will lead to the collapse of Museveni’s government is internal, the opposition currently doesn’t have the ability to remove President Museveni even through elections,” he noted.

He added: “When I think about how the murders have been happening over the last five years, this points to insecurity. I can’t say there is a crisis now but we are driving towards one.”

In his turn, Tanga Odoi said everyone helping the government work belongs to NRM, even the critics.

“There is no way you will tell me Kizza Besigye hasn’t helped this government work.”

According to Tanga, murder in all cases is bad, it deprives the nation of talent and my take is that “we should go back to what we ought to be”.

He said the population must restore sanity.

Host: Who should be held accountable for these murders?

Tanga Odoi: The government should be held accountable for these murders. The whole country must address insecurity. NRM as a party is committed to doing its best to restore sanity.



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