MPs denied access to ESO safe house in Nakasero

Janepher Nantume Egunyu faces a closed gate

Members of Parliament sitting on the parliamentary committee on Human Rights have expressed displeasure after being barred from accessing torture facilities run by security agencies.

On Tuesday, security personnel denied MPs access to the fourth security facility in Nakasero said to be housing victims of arbitrary arrests.

The Nakasero “torture chamber” is said to be housing the External Security Organisation (ESO).

A one L/C Kitara said MPs should seek authorisation from Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwiine.

Victoria University

Earlier, MPs on the Committee on Human Rights were denied access by military police guarding a security facility, said to be a safe house in Kyengera.

Vincent Kalibbala, of an unidentified rank, who was on sentry duty, said MPs should seek clearance from the Director General of Internal Security Organisation (ISO), Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda.

The MPs condemned the procedure.

The legislators from the parliamentary committee on Human Rights were led by the committee chairperson Janepher Nantume Egunyu who doubles as the MP Buvuma County.

While appearing before the committee last week, Security minister, Gen Elly Tumwine, said there was no torture in Uganda’s safe houses and even invited MPs to visit them.

Although he would comply to directives by Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, Gen Tumwine made it clear that some of the safe houses were inaccessible.



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