Thugs loot Yvonne Chaka Chaka daughter’s shop

The shop

Thugs have destroyed a shop belonging to Africa Music Princess Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s daughter in surge of South Africa’s xenophobic attacks.  

Yvonne Chaka Chaka is an internationally recognised South African singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, humanitarian and teacher.

“Came back from Namibia this is what I found my daughter’s shop broken into and looted,” she tweeted on Sunday.

“I am shuttered…lawlessness,” added the humanitarian and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

Victoria University

The 54 year-old has four children-all male; Ningi Mhinga, Mandla Mhinga, Themba Mhinga, Mfuma Mhinga.

It is not clear where the daughter in question is a wife to one of her sons [daughter-in-law].

After sharing the incident, tweeps reminded Chaka Chaka of the cruel treatment other blacks are suffering at the hands of South Africans.

But in her message condemning such attacks, the singer said: “The lesson for all of us is No man is an island we need each either we live for one another. No one is better that the other .where are our leaders pls act Now.”

She added: “Truth be told SA are peaceful people we have lived together for a long time. What has changed. Let us talk not kill not hate.”

Her statement:

“I am dump founded confused frustrated and have lost faith .people protesting broken into my daughter s shop and looted. All in the name of foreigner must leave SA.

No man is an island my fellow brothers and sisters we all need each other. Too much lawlessness.

Mr President do something. Mr Cele do something. Girls are dying Children are dying women are dying.

On the other hand we are fighting our African brothers What is this world coming to.

Life has become so cheap no respect for life and for one another. God have mercy.”



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