FDC tells police to back off party activities

Police officers blocking FDC officials in western Uganda

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has cautioned Police as an institution and individual police officers against continued disruption of their activities.

On Saturday Police violently dispersed a public rally in Mbale arresting the FDC President Hon. Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat and a number of supporters.

“We had just concluded a meeting with FDC leaders in the area,” said FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda while addressing press on Monday.

He said interestingly, the same Police which was fully informed about these activities as the law requires, didn’t interfere with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday meetings and rallies in Kasilo, Soroti and Kumi.

Victoria University

“It appears to us that the reason Mbale was disrupted was to kill the momentum we had gained after the Teso activities.”

“Of course as announced earlier, we will continue with our programme with or without Police clearance.”

He said this week, the FDC will be in Hoima to campaign for the Woman MP candidate Ms. Nyakato Asinansi Kamanda.

“And we will thereafter move to Kaabong in Karamoja where we are tussling it out with NRM for the district Woman MP.”

Nganda said they, however, learnt last week that Police had blocked a delegation of People Power who were on their way to Kaabong to campaign for the FDC candidate Adyaka Judith Nalibe.

Police demanded that they produce a letter from the FDC.

“While we will be gland to issue the said letters to all our colleagues who want to join us in these campaigns, we again want to caution Police against interfering with our campaign.”

He added: “All democracy seeking forces have been invited to join us in these campaigns and Police should be aware. In fact this is the first time that Police is asking for such letters.”



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