Drug abuse: singer Jackie Chandiru gravely ill

Jackie Chandiru

New reports indicate that singer Jackie Chandiru has regressed in her substance abuse treatment and is currently hospitalised.

Edwardi Sendi, a music and artiste promoter cum critic, has been lobbying members of the public to help the “gold digger” singer.

According to Sendi, Jackie has been hospitalised for two months at Naguru hospital Surgical Ward 4 in very bad shape.

The hospital recorded her as “Jackie Ayaa” and is treating her for substance abuse.

Victoria University

He claims that some young girls smuggle in the drug for her and the nurses are tired of her.

“She pupus [soils herself] on herself after substance abuse. She takes her drugs in the bathroom or washrooms,” Sendi noted.

He added: “She walks naked in the ward. She sleeps on a bare mattress, no beddings.”

According to Sendi, Jackie has no attendant and her veins are badly damaged for an IV injection hence all her medicine is taken orally.

Critics accuse those who rushed Jackie out of rehab claiming she was a miracle drug addiction survivor hence ruining her chances of recovery.

The once formidable singer, had been inducted into addiction for so long and it was certainly too true to be believed, that she had completely beaten the vice and was headed for full sobriety and recovery from drug use.

There was no way how a self-confessed multi-drug dependant could have been let out of rehab and thrown into the same limelight and ‘hoods’ where she could easily access the same.

Jackie had also confessed to having mastered the art of lying to get a fix and thus was able to fool and beat all of us into her ‘fictitious’ world of sobriety.

Until then Jackie, will remain in and out of rehab and we must pray that she finds the will that come with it, embrace the road to recover, if she doesn’t want to take her own life, like she confessed a few months back.

Jackie Chandiru was a member of the all-girl music group Blu*3, based in Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

In 2014, she was one of the featured artists in the second season of “Coke Studio Africa”.



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