I taught Tumwine: Museveni gives teachers Shs50m, 42% salary raise

Museveni shows a teacher off stage

The 2nd National Primary Teacher’s Conference got underway Saturday at St London College, Wakiso district.

While presiding over the conference, President Museveni awarded the best primary teachers Sh50m.

The three best 2019 teachers received land titles and laptops.

Teachers jubilate

The president said teaching is a passion, mission and also a blessing from God but also a trap.

Victoria University

“If you don’t do it well, be ready to be punished because you are teaching the children of God,” he noted.

Museveni said before independence in 1962, there were devorted teachers.

“Much as they were not very literate, they did their job very well. If you see today, they were blessed by God.”

 He went on: “I used to be a teacher too and when I finished Senior Four, I was recruited to teach at Bweranyangi Girl’s Secondary School.”

Museveni said some of the people he taught are now very “big” in society and one is a Member of Parliament.

“After S.6, I also taught students like Gen Elly Tumwine. I was earning more than the teachers I found.”

Museveni said fortunately that didn’t stop the teachers who were earning only Shs72 from doing a good job.

“Unfortunately, Idi Amin came into power and spoilt the system.”

Museveni said when NRM came into power, there were only 85,000 teachers but now they are 130,000.

“We recruited more teachers because the population of children had equally increased.”

During his speech, Museveni also promised teachers a 42% increase in salary which will be put into effect next month.



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