National water wins service delivery award in US


The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has scooped the glory award from the World Confederation of Business over its distinguished performance in utility management and capacity building of other utilities in the world.

The Corporation’s Board Chairman Dr. Eng Christopher Ebal was also recognized with the Visionary Leader Extraordinary Award for the  strategic guidance he has offered to the utility over the years.

According to NWSC board chairman Dr.Eng. Christopher Ebal, the awards showcase the corporation’s excellence in service delivery as demonstrated by its outstanding initiatives, impact of work and inspiration to others. 

WORLDCOB is a leading international organization that encourages worldwide business development. 

Victoria University

Eng Ebal observed that the recognition comes against the backdrop of the massive water extension rollout programme that has seen the corporation increase its footprint from 23 towns in 2013 to now over  253 towns countrywide.

Eng Ebal added that NWSC has improved its service coverage from 75% in 2011 to now 84%, the number of new connections have increased from 272,406 to now 659,157, turn over has increased from 132B to now 443B and the operational surplus has increased from 30 (+)billion to now over 95(+)billion to mention but a few achievements that have been attained.

“Recently, the Government of Uganda through NWSC rolled out the Service Coverage Acceleration programme (SCAP100) to achieve the following;

•Water services to over 12,000 villages in Uganda

•Effect over 140,000 new water connections

•Install over 20,000 public stand pipes and

•Lay over 8000kms of water mains extensions by 2020

In addition, the corporation is working on Water Supply Stabilization Plans (WSSPs), Infrastructure Service Delivery Plans (ISDPS) and large projects to boost access to safe clean water and sewerage services in Uganda, ” he noted

Eng Ebal reiterated the Board’s strategic overview over NWSC. Last year, the Board launched the 2nd corporation’s 5 year Strategic Direction 2016-2021 which is aligned to the government’s development plan focusing to achieve the lower middle income status by 2020, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG6).

The 5 year plan hinges on Smart Systems, business continuity and infrastructure growth, financial growth and sustainability, customer and stakeholder delight and productivity plus capacity development of staff.

On renewable energy, Ebal shared that the corporation is imploring a number of renewable energy initiatives in it’s quest towards water and sanitation for all while using cost efficient methods.

The award was handed to Dr. Eng Christopher Ebal, the  Corporation Secretary Dr. Edith Kateete who also doubles as the Deputy Managing Director Board affairs and the Principal Corporate Marketing officer Mr. John Fisher Sekabira.

The event took place at San Francisco, in United States.

The event attracted over 80 global business executives.

NWSC Managing Director Dr.Eng Silver Mugisha attributes the NWSC success story to the Government support in extending safe water to Ugandans, management and staff commitment towards excellent service delivery and the customers who pay for the service on.



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