Kasirye Ggwanga shoots another vehicle

Kasirye Ggwanga

Retired UPDF soldier Maj Gen Kasirye Ggwanga has been dragged to police again for shooting a vehicle and deflating its tyres.

The incident happened over the weekend in Kajoji Village, Maanyi Sub-county Mityana district when he shot a Fuso lorry that was loading eucalyptus logs.

The lorry driver, Gerald Wambi, who was carrying trees from his own forest, reported the matter to Maanyi Police Station.

According to Wamala Region Police spokesman Nobert Ochom, police is already investigating the matter.

Victoria University

Two weeks ago, when Kasirye announced a struggle to protect and preserve the environment in Mityana, he warned that nobody should go to the forest reserves in Busujju county and cut trees.

He said people were cultivating in these forest reserves to earn a living and when they were evicted, other people were given leases to plant eucalyptus trees.

He said as a result, wells and swamps are drying up and shortage of water is worsening in the area.

He has since shot and deflated tyres of two trucks in this war against environmental degradation.

In January this year, he shot at a car apparently belonging to singer Catherine Kusasira at Makindye, a Kampala suburb, for playing loud music.  

On August 15, he shot a lorry Reg No UAW 232K that was carrying logs from Kajogi in Mityana District to Kampala.

He accused owners of destroying natural forests with good tree species.

In 2017, Gwanga (then at the rank of brigadier), burnt the tractor on the land which he said was owned by his daughter at Naziba village on Lubowa hill in Ndejje, off Entebbe Road.

Museveni defends Kasirye

While responding to his social media followers last week, President Museveni was asked by one of the Bazzukulu why he doesn’t act on his Generals “who “misbehave” like my brother, Kasirye Ggwanga”.

“That he is fond of shooting at vehicles. I know that the general has burnt a tractor, shot at the tires of singer Kusasira’s car and recently shot at a lorry allegedly carrying timber in Mityana,” Museveni said.

“I don’t think that he is allergic to cars or anything on tires. It just means that he is a disciplined officer who never harms people but only uses his gun to send a message.”

He added: “A gun, when used well, is like a telephone. It is not a tool of terror but communication.”



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