Winnie, son Anselm Besigye chillax in Mombasa

Winnie Byanyima

Newly appointed UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima is spending quality time with her son Anselm Besigye chillaxing in the cool breeze of Mombasa at the coast of East Africa.

The coastal city of Kenya along the Indian Ocean is the country’s oldest and second-largest city and centre of coastal tourism in Kenya.

Mombasa Island itself is not a main attraction, although many people visit the Old Town and Fort Jesus.

The Nyali, Bamburi, and Shanzu beaches are located north of the city. The Shelly, Tiwi, and Diani beaches are located south of Mombasa.

Victoria University

Several luxury hotels exist on these beaches, while the less expensive hotels are located further away.

“We are chilling in Mombasa @akbesigye & I, before he returns to college,” Winnie said.

She added: “Going to visit Fort Jesus tomorrow [Tuesday].”

Fort Jesus is a fort located on Mombasa Island.

Designed by Italian Giovanni Battista Cairati, it was built between 1593 and 1596, by order of King Philip II of Spain and I of Portugal, to guard the Old Port of Mombasa.

Fort Jesus was the only fort maintained by the Portuguese on the Swahili Coast, and is recognised as a testament to the first successful attempt by a Western power to establish influence over the Indian Ocean trade.

Fort Jesus

Anselm, the son of opposition figure Kizza Besigye, is a first-year intern from Uganda, currently living in Nairobi, Kenya.

Anselm grew up in New Jersey and went to high school in Connecticut.

Since his early childhood in Africa, Anselm has been dedicated to fighting poverty and bad governance in the global South.

His upbringing in the United States has also inspired in him a passion to grapple with labour rights and race relations in this country.

Anselm chilling at the coast

Anselm is considering pursuing a concentration in Social Studies.

His mother Winnie Byanyima has more than 30 years of experience in political leadership, diplomacy and humanitarian engagement. 

She was recently appointed the new executive director of UNAIDS from Oxfam international which she served in the same capacity.



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