Prepare for 2021, Bobi Wine tells ‘fatherland’

Bobi Wine in Gomba

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has told the people of Gomba district to prepare themselves for 2021 general elections.

The legislator was Thursday visiting families of those who were killed during the August 2018 Arua fracas.

“Ever since the Arua saga that almost took my life, I had never had any opportunity to interact with my people in GOMBA, my father land,” Bobi Wine said.

He said the Uganda Police has always blocked him from freely moving in his country.

Victoria University

“When my friend Kiku Noah lost his mother, Maama Anna Sozi (who treated me like her own son), I had to stand with the family.”

However, police deployed all along the main road to block him again and was beating up people who stood on the roadside to wave to his group.

One young man called Benedicto Kiwanuka who operates a barber shop in Kiriri was shot in the arm. He was rushed to Gombe hospital.

“Meanwhile as all this was happening, I had been tipped off about the police plan so I decided to use some panya roads since Gomba is my home.”

Bobi Wine planted a tree in Lusenke- Bukalagi in memory of Vincent Serungaya who was shot dead by police during Arua protests.

“It was great meeting so many old friends, classmates, teachers and many relatives,” he noted.

He said the people of Gomba, just like the rest of Uganda are yearning for change.

“I told them to get their national IDs and prepare for 2021.”

The singing MP who recently said farewell to Kyadondo East voters has already emphasized he will run for President come 2021 presidential elections.

He will be facing off with incumbent President Museveni who has been in power for 33 years and counting.



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