Kadaga dismisses Anite rants as hearsay

Anite speaking at Boma grounds in Koboko

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga dismissed rants circulated by Investment minister Evelyn Anite, asking her to file a formal complaint instead of rumours.

During Tuesday plenary, Aringa South MP, Hon Yorke Alioni raised concern about the alleged death threats against the Investment Minister calling for assurances about her safety.

“Government must pronounce itself and assure Ugandans and people of West Nile about the affairs of Uganda Telecom Limited [UTL],” Alioni told the house.

In response, Speaker Kadaga directed that Hon Anite come to the House and present the issues herself.

Victoria University

“That is now hearsay. Let her come to me. My office is open,” Kadaga ruled.

On Tuesday, MPs from West Nile region held a press conference where they expressed their concerns over Anite’s worries.

They said they do not take the threats to Anite lightly, following the mysterious deaths of Col Ibrahim Abiriga, Gard Wilson Toko and Francis Ayume.

The death reports for the former leaders who died in various ways ranging from accidents to gunshots have remained undisclosed as investigations in some have remained incomplete.

Attacking media

Anite even went as far as accusing online news platforms of working with mafia in the government to bring her down.

She singled out SoftPower News, The Insider and Grapevine after the sites published a whistleblower’s letter asking the Inspectorate of Government to investigate her for allegedly taking bribes from a Mauritius company.

Anite directly attacked SoftPower founder Sarah Kagingo accusing her of spreading “fake news” and working to “bring me” down.

While addressing press, SoftPower journalist Paul Ampurire questioned her: “We have not heard from you responding whether you went to Mauritius or not, you said that you have had no relationships with Mauritius Telecom Company that is a broad answer. I would love to hear from you, did you travel to Mauritius about the debt in question? Say that on record.”

The minister instead asked Ampulire which media house he writes for before blasting him.

“Soft Power? Why do you care where I go when I’m on leave? Did you hear that there is a travel ban against me? Did you hear that I’m not supposed to travel anywhere in the world? When you ran that story other media outlets called me and I had a video coverage in the classroom. Anyway, one can just read through what you wrote and understands that you have been paid to attack me.”

She then mired Kagingo in allegations of mafia plotting against her.

“I also know where you have your meetings. I know the Executive Director of SoftPower and her characters excellently. It might not be you but tell your boss to style up because she is too small for me to take on.”

Ampulire then reminded her that this was going personal.

“I’m not being personal but I’m simply telling you that you should even resign from that place because you are in the wrong place. Whether I have been there it’s not your business,” she said.

Anite then asked IGG for a public hearing in which she would reportedly “humiliate” Sarah Kagingo.

“I want the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to carry out the public hearing and they should also bring me any travel ban against me that I’m not supposed to move out of Uganda. I will also bring my passport, that is the day we shall put SoftPower to shame,” she added.

Addressing MPs on Friday, Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda said there are no mafias in government as Anite alleged.



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