Mixed reactions as ‘male prostitutes’ shake Gulu

Gulu town

There have been mixed reactions on social media following reports that male prostitutes have hit Gulu town and the number is reportedly surging.

Uganda Radio Network [URN] quoted the mayor of Gulu municipality George Labeja who said the male commercial sex workers are organised with leaders and hang out in pubs along Cemetery road in Gulu town.

According to Labeja, an increasing number of commercial male sex workers in Gulu town is jeopardising their fight against HIV/AIDS.

He said the commercial male sex workers are led by a former UN driver (name withheld) also resident of Bardege division in Gulu municipality. 

Victoria University

The mayor said the male sex workers make Shs 600,000 a day. 

“These youths who are male sex workers they are going for rich women…These women are maybe rich but she lacks one ‘thing’ and that ‘thing’ she needs to buy it from these poor boys,” Labeja told URN.

Article 13 (1) of the Penal Code Act 1950 states that every person who knowingly lives wholly or in part on the earnings of prostitution and every person who in any place solicits or importunes for immoral purposes commits an offense and is liable to imprisonment for seven years


Gulu based journalist and former University Guild President candidate James Onono Ojok, said the named spots like Cemetery road are instead full of young girls looking for money including Acholi road.

“I saw one of the leaders in one of the social media pages saying that most of these men come from outside Gulu and yet this is not convincing yet, because if they exist then it must be some rare cult but the under-age children move freely in the lights.”

“True story, there are few young ambitious men in this town who don’t engage in productive engagement to meet their livelihood and in most cases try to engage ladies who have money or women who have money and in the long run many end up in successful relationship and others end badly without any stipulated contractual sex and when they are doing this they also try to pose to some level without any show of vulnerability,” Onono said.

He went on: “I would request that the authorities in the Municipality and the district among their worries of ‘male sex workers’, should take greater concern of child prostitution because along cemetery road at night the majority of people who line looking for money are young girls and as ‘Male sex worker’ might be difficult to get .Is easy to get young girls working as sex slaves in Gulu and I would think matters of the children be taken more seriously before hurrying the entire world to ‘male sex workers ‘in Gulu.”

Aruu County MP Hon Odonga Otto said he was shocked by the story and that there are female prostitutes mostly close to 80%are young Langi girls who hold out as Acholi.

Otto said the man /woman resource labour distribute or masculinity phenomenon has not changed.

To have male sex workers presupposes that majority of women are financially well to do than men, as is the case with a certain tribe in Kenya where women specialize in killing their husbands and then look for young men to enjoy the wealth, he explained.

“In Acholi women equally unemployed like men and thus broke and look up to men for money and not sex. (They wouldn’t mind both). No wonder some women have vowed not to engage single men but rather look for married men and or become concubines.”

Komanda Latek: WHAT do you expect if the leaders who should manage the vice are the customers? There are shocking revelation of involvement of leaders in the vice. Prostitution is a global trend but never paraded in the open like what we see in Gulu, God needs to intervene on Leadership with conviction.

Morris Okwera: Male prostitution in Gulu,….this is both comic and serious that advising us not to focus on it but rather on child prostitution would sound like one who wants to cares it.

Raising the strongest alarm against this would as well raise eye brows for the thought that they(male sex workers) could have preyed on “our rich mama babies ” that could be sexually starving😂 because of our lack of attentions to them.

Onono, how I wish the whistle blowers identified both the buyers and customers in persons. Or rather undercover ladies would post like interested potential buyers so that such men are brought in the open and rebuked. With such an approach, the vise am sure shall be killed and buried.

Male prostitution in my view is coming up in Gulu as a consequence of homosexuality that has also been there but no alarm was raised by the media or the leaders about it.

This is a vice that should be thwarted at its earliest stage to protect the young from a demand for it or homosexual services.



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