Makerere hostel suspends custodian for asking girls sex

Olympia hostel

Reuben Nahabwe, a caretaker at Olympia Hostel located in Kikoni, a Kampala suburb has been suspended for sexual harassment.

The management of the posh hostel succumbed to pressure from female students who accuse Nahabwe of harassing them with sex demands.

Dr. Joseph Byamugisha, the managing director of the Hostel communicated the suspension in his August 19th, 2019, letter to Nahabwe.

“It has been alleged that you have been involved in acts of sexual harassment against residents of Olympia Hostel. Following these allegations, management has decided to suspend you from work to pave way for thorough investigations,” Dr. Byamugisha’s letter reads.  

Victoria University

On Monday, student leaders led by Marion Kirabo, the Makerere University Guild Minister for Gender, Ethics and Integrity issued an ultimatum to Olympia Hostel management to suspend Nahabwe by 10:00am on August 20, 2019.

This followed a resolution by Makerere Guild leadership to set up an independent sexual harassment committee to investigate the matter further.

During a consultative meeting between the hostel managers and Makerere University officials on Tuesday, it was resolved that an independent committee be constituted to investigate the sexual harassment claims at the hostel.

The meeting was attended by Jovita Byamugisha, the wife to the hostel proprietor, Patricia Mworozi and Alexandra Kamatsiko, both student representatives from the hostel, Marion Kirabo and Severino Twinobusingye, the Legal counsel to the hostel management.

The meeting proposed that Makerere University considers setting up a committee to address issues that affect off campus students.



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