King Oyo on historic visit to Kigezi

King Oyo greets subjects

The King of Toro, Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, will visit Kigezi region from 22nd to 24th August 2019 to further strengthen the ties between Tooro and Kigezi given the historical relations between the two regions and peoples.

The visit is organised by the International Community of Banyakigezi-Uganda Chapter, an association of people from the greater Kigezi region in the diaspora and the Banyakigezi-Rwenzori Association.

The two groups are supported by the leadership of Kigezi region. Details of King Oyo’s visit are as follows:

Thursday 22nd August at 2pm: King Oyo will be received at Satellite Hotel Rwahi at the border between Kigezi and Ankole.

Victoria University

Thursday 22nd August at around 4pm: The King is expected to visit the home of the legendary Munyakigezi elder and visionary, the late Paul Ngorogoza.

It was during Ngorogoza leadership as an administrator in colonial Kigezi that the push for people from Kigezi, notably, the Bakiga, to go to Toro to look for land due to population pressure in Kigezi, was actualized in the 1950s and 60s.

The land in Toro was given to Banyakigezi free of charge by King Oyo’s grandfather, Rukidi. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of Banyakigezi resident in Toro.

Friday 23rd August: King Oyo will have a conversation with young people from different schools and tertiary institutions from Kabale Municipality at Agaba Hall in Kabale town.

King Oyo being a UN ambassador on combating HIV, is expected to deliver a key message on prevention and responsible living.

There will also be discussions about innovation and youth entrepreneurship. Later that Friday 23rd August evening, there will be a bonfire-like campside-like dialogue also known as ‘ekigaaniiro’ involving King Oyo, elders and youngsters from Kigezi and Toro in the lush gardens of White Horse Inn, one of the oldest and historical hotels in Kabale.

The Kigaaniiro will also involve reciting riddles, telling of oral history, emigane or storytelling, okucwa enfumu/proverbs and playing traditional instruments such as enanga/harps, endingidi and drums.

King Oyo and his delegation are expected to also visit Lake Bunyonyi to appreciate it’s scenic beauty before departing on Saturday 24th August 2019.



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