Africans too must go to the moon- Museveni

President Museveni

President Museveni has congratulated Iganga Boys Boarding Primary School on making 100 years.

These schools were started by religious people, so, that spirit of spirituality should be maintained.

“I attended some of these schools, they didn’t have serious government support but they were able to teach and shape us,” he said.

“So, that is a challenge to you who are working in these schools. Continue to emphasize sciences because life is partly run by arts but based on science.”

Victoria University

Museveni said Africans must emphasize sciences.

He said the Americans have been to the moon and back and this was 50 years ago.

The Russians have been near the moon, the Chinese have sent their satellite to the moon, same to the Indians but Africans are the ones who are still comfortable on earth.

“The ministry of Education has revised the curriculum to accommodate this, I have looked at it and we have sent it to the Vice Chancellors.”

He added: “Also, we have been concentrating on constructing classrooms. Today we have more than 100, 000 classrooms. We sometimes handle the laboratories and libraries. But We know that teachers need to stay near the schools and this is what we are going to concentrate on next.”

Museveni thanked the old boys for building the new block which he commissioned.

He had pledged Shs200m for the new building and will also go back and pay the old debt.

“This is one of the pioneer schools in Busoga we cannot fail to support it. I congratulate you and thank all institutions which have contributed to education in Uganda.”



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