Ingrid, FDC activists released on bail

Ingrid Turinawe

Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court has released Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] activists and the party secretary for mobilisation from Luzira prison on bail.

Makerere LCV Councillor and FDC Preacher Doreen Nyanjura said it was a bee-hive of activity outside court on Friday morning as police heavily deployed and thoroughly searched those who showed up to attend the bail hearing session.

“Heavy Deployment at CPS and Buganda road court ahead of Ingrid Turinawe’s appearance in court! The body check is extra; hmmm we honestly can’t carry water bottles in knickers and armpits!” Nyanjura noted.

She said her colleagues were granted a cash bail of Shs300,000 each.

Victoria University

They are; Ojobile Augustine, Waiswa Abdullah, Joel Kabali, Katumba Moses, Wanyera Simon and Fatumah Abenabyo.

The suspects

The group is charged with assault and malicious damage of property for allegedly throwing a water bottle at Grade One Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu during the sentencing for activist Stella Nyanzi.

Ingrid Turinawe, on the other hand, is specifically charged with “annoyance or inconvenience of public common nuisance and assault”, following her arrest at Central Police Station where she had taken food for colleagues.

She has also been released on a cash bail of Shs800,000.

According to Nyanjura, IDs of Ingrid’s sureties were retained.

“In total, we need Shs2.6M including bail fees for the activists,” she noted.

They are represented by counsels Julius Galisonga Kibande, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Isaac Semakadde.



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