Gen Saleh on choosing ministers: I’m a genius

Gen Saleh

Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) coordinator Gen Salim Saleh has finally spoken out on rumors that he chooses President Museveni’s cabinet.

He was speaking to NBS journalist Joseph Sabiti from his Kapeeka farm on Thursday. 

Asked whether it’s true that he selects the cabinet, Saleh said he also wanted to be a minister and failed.

“Ever since…I don’t interfere.”

Victoria University

Sabiti insisted saying some people even chase down Saleh looking for favours.

“Yes, so that I can implement decisions.  But if there are people out there who think I can influence cabinet…no no. Those are just perceptions.”

Saleh who was sacked as Microfinance minister says he is now comfortable where he is…in the private sector.

“I’m a genius.  If you plant me in any location, I will grow it.”

He said for example the people in West Nile didn’t believe in him but they are now calling him to invest.

Last week, he organised the West Nile Symposium which was a success.

“All objectives were met. Northern Uganda has all the factors of production: Land, labour, capital…”

Sabiti Joseph: People associate you with money everywhere you go. People in West Nile expected money.

Gen Saleh: They were mistaken this time…

He said most students are not interesting in technical skills, they want to have degrees.

“We’re going to start working with universities to start skilling.”

He said SACCOs are very important right now although they have their own setbacks.

“We are going to work with technical institutions and universities to start skilling students. Most of the youth want to do degree courses. We want universities to start skilling students but little higher than they have been doing.”

According to Saleh, people are becoming opportunistic.

“They open up SACCOs and you can’t tell whether they are genuine or not. Some SACCOS are successful and others have failed.”

Asked on giving youth money, he said “throwing cash at young people is okay as long as they are organized”.



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