China denies hacking Bobi Wine phone

Bobi Wine in court [Photo by Nicholas Bamulanzeki]

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Uganda has dismissed as untrue a report by Wall Street Journal saying they used their Huawei company to spy on Ugandan politicians.

The report said Huawei technicians sitting at Uganda police headquarters cracked encrypted messages using a software called Pegasus to get into MP Bobi Wine’s phone and spy on him.

 “The Embassy has taken notice of an article from the Wall Street Journal on 14 August, 2019, entitled “Huawei Technicians Helped African Governments Spy on Political Opponents”,” the embassy noted in a statement Thursday.

It claimed the article is “pure fake news and totally groundless!”

Victoria University

The reportaccuses Huawei of supporting the domestic spying by the Ugandan Government and implies that the Chinese Government is behind Huawei.

The  reported said by May  2017,  Uganda’s police force had sent dozens of officers for technical training in Beijing, accompanied by senior Huawei Africa-based employees.

It said a senior Chinese flew to the company’s Shenzhen headquarters, where Huawei executives shared details on the surveillance systems it had built across the world, according to Ugandan security officials who were present.

Mr. Chu played a crucial intermediary role in the talks accompanied the delegation to meetings with China s Public Security Agency in the ministry s cube-like complex near Tiananmen Square, where they were shown the capabilities of the Chinese surveillance state.

Mr. Chu then flew with the group to Shenzhen and sat in on meetings with Huawei executives, according to the Ugandan officials present.

“The journalists gave such a vivid account, as if they were with Mr. Chu then. However, the Embassy has to point out that this is UTTERLY UNTRUE. As a matter of fact, Mr. Chu Maoming had stayed in Uganda for the whole year of 2017, during which time he had never gone back to China.”

“Such being the case, the Embassy has to seriously doubt the credibility and reliability of the whole article, as well as the professionalism and the basic qualifications of the journalists, who are serving such a big media house as Wall Street Journal,” the embassy said.



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